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Name:Zephyr Drayzen Nomura
Personality:a little tricky,he's naive at some points but is well versed in combat and strategies,he's also very smart but chooses not to show it much,he's a very kind person and hates injustice
Likes:Nature,trees,climbing and hanging out with friends,food,traveling
Dislikes:Those who destroy nature,people who hurt his friends,the dark Mage(shall be explained in background)
Abilities:adept swordsmanship,magic(he can learn up to three element he chooses),agility,tactician
Background:Zephyr was the result of an empire swordsman and an indian woman expressing love,he spent his life with both equally with his mother teaching him to learn nature and his father teaching him the way of the sword,when he turned 12 he displayed the ability to use wind magic,even though neither of his parents could do this,the villagers of his mothers village,in a move of desperation to see if it was an evil power had their priest check his soul,and what he found was quite the opposite he had the spirit of the archmage,a powerful being who protected the world from evil,what made him so powerful was that an archmage could choose to learn three elements.Though his parents were shocked by this,they were overjoyed as their son was to be a great hero,so to protect him his mother drew travel paint on his face that would protect him with the help of the spirits of the forest and sun for eternity.When he got older,he learnt about news of another being like him but used their power for evil,the Dark Mage,after hearing this,and saying his farewell to his parents,he set off on a journey to learn two more elemental magics and to defeat the dark Mage 


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Kenneth L.M
Just a normal sonic fan here's some stuff about me

I'm also a kh and ff fan but I like sonic too all of them are tied to me
:icongaruniox:he's Derpy and angry most of the time
:iconcloudman502:this guy is awesome
:iconwolfie502:she's my sis ^w^
:iconsuperawsomemanz:we used to look alike XD
:iconassassincreed3: my son(really need to get used to that)
:iconawsomeangelisth: vampire sis
:iconanal-shipment:awesome bro that I call derps :3
:iconfangthewolfhog: jinchuuriki friend who hugs alot
:iconzerocyanx:rival trained by sasuke,naruto sensei and kakashi sensei
:iconseldomblood:saiyan boy

Blue Exorcist Stamp by Blue-Lancer
Sonic Boom Stamp by toni987

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Thanks for the watch! It's much appreciated! ^^
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No prob your a good artist
Nonononomo Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014…
i have see you in sprite chronicles
will you join?
ii would liking that
Excalibursonic562 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Well I'm not in sprite chronicles,maybe you mistook my character for another?and sorry no I quit spriting
Nonononomo Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
maybye , you look like a guy from the Hunt on Akumu Arc
Prof-khaos Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
AWW YEAH i just uploaded khaoz v2
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